“Thanks to Billie Fitzpatrick, my collaborator and co-author for her skill at the craft of writing and capturing the truth of who I am.”

— Tosca Reno, The Start Here Diet

“A special thank you to Billie Fitzpatrick, who helped me articulate my passion for helping people with diabetes live victoriously.”

— Sherri Shepherd, Plan D

“[Billie] was full of enthusiasm and helpful advice for the project from beginning to end and is a wizard with words.”

— Kelly Dorfman, Cure Your Child With Food

“A huge thank you to Billie Fitzpatrick, my ghost writer, who has spent hours with me on the phone, through email, and texts helping me to put this book together. Your patience and commitment have been invaluable; without you, this book would not be the same.”

— Helen Moon, CHERISH the First 6 Weeks.

“I would like to thank Billie Fitzpatrick, my collaborator, who helped me capture in book form what fitness truly means.”

— Dara Torres, Gold Medal Fitness

"I would also like to thank . . .Billie Fitzpatrick, my collaborator, who understood me and put my heart and soul into this book.”

— Bob Harper, Are You Ready!

“Billie, your writing talent and organization of the material have built this book; but what has been most valuable to me has been your incredible calm and soothing voice on the end of the telephone when I felt most frazzled and worried. You calmed me down at the most important moments and helped give me perspective, especially by helping me formulate my ideas and put what I do in my practice onto paper.”

— Donna Fish, LCSW, Take the Fight Out of Food

“I am also indebted to Billie Fitzpatrick, whose skilled editing added whatever finesse and polish exist in my work.”

— Harry Freund, Love With Noodles

“I am very grateful to Billie Fitzpatrick who was able to take my manuscript with [these] to distinct parts and skillfully weave them together into a blended format which works so much better. It was a joy to work with her.”

— Dr. Henry Grayson, Mindful Loving

“Billie Fitzpatrick was absolutely essential in the creative process, helping me clarify the dimensions innumerable times so they carried to the reader the same energy I had witnessed in my office. Without her this book would not exist.”

— Dr. Lana Holstein, How to Have Magnificent Sex

“To Billie Fitzpatrick, my ‘book doctor,’ for stellar help at every level – organization, focusing ideas, making better transitions, and encouragement when it seemed like a daunting task.”

— Charlotte Kasl, If the Buddha Got Stuck

“Billie Fitzpatrick was sent to me from the gods of writing, and I am grateful for her collaborative energy and enthusiasm.”

— Emily Kaufman, The Travel Mom’s Ultimate Guide to Family Travel

“Billie Fitzpatrick, my writing collaborator – a woman who totally gets into her work. We delivered the final manuscript ten days before her daughter Dare arrived.”

— Lou Paget, Hot Mamas

“To Billie Fitzpatrick, my collaborator, who took my words and thoughts and translated them into a flowing whole.”

— Eve Pearl, Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery

“I would also like to thank Billie Fitzpatrick, my collaborator, who helped me shape my thoughts and feelings into words on the page.”

— Kathryn Sansone, Woman First, Family Always